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When looking for a Chiropractic Physician you want to know that you are putting your trust and health in the hands of an experienced doctor who knows how to treat your particular problem.


Dr. Neil H Fleischer has been a Chiropractic Physician for 37 years, and our practice has been operating in the Country Club of Miami/Miami Lakes area since 1986. It has been the longest established Chiropractic Office in the region. 

Dr. Fleischer's opinion has been highly valued by others, and for over 20 years had also worked as an expert witness for most auto insurance companies. 

He currently has an excellent working relationship with many MD's and clinics who also refer their patients to him for care. 

He recognizes that most forms of medicine treat only the symptoms, while the cause of problems continue to exist and worsen over time. 

Unlike the typical medical office we have a staff of caring individuals that will always show an eagerness to help you, with a plan of care to help you not only feel well, but get get and stay well. 

Dr. Neil H Fleischer

Chiropractic Physician

Originally from New Jersey, Dr. Neil Fleischer has lived in South Florida since 1976. He has attended and graduated from the University of Miami and Texas Chiropractic College (1984). 


Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant

Ashley is our happy morning front desk assistant. Always smiling and eager to help. 


Therapy Assistant

Erica is one of our back office therapy assistants. Always happy to help patients.


Office Manager

Sharon is the backbone of the office being both the administrator, and insurance and billing department leader. 


Front  Desk Chiropractic Assistant

Moyra is our afternoon front desk assistant. Anytime anyone has a problem, she is always eager to help. 



Therapy Assistant

Joyce is one of our back office therapy assistants. Always with a smile, she will make your day. 

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